Freedom of speech is violated.
Censorship from "big tech" is rampant.
Massive voter fraud is being uncovered.
Our democracy
is being assaulted!


ePrepper is offering secure communication solutions to help you protect your God-given freedoms.

Secure Internet Access

ePrepper is once again offering TailsOS secure boot USB devices to help you protect your online identity and give you the power to bypass the censorship and suppression of news by Big Tech.

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Turnaround time is 10 business days.  Sales tax and shipping will be charged on all orders.

Speak Up!

Refuse to let your voice be silenced.  Post on social media (even the Big Tech of Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook) and make your voice heard.  When censored, just keep pressing on!


We highly recommend you join Codias, a freely available social-media platform so that you can easily connect with like-minded conservatives without the shadow-banning of newsworthy information.


We encourage you to follow the efforts of Right Side Broadcasting Network, Project Veritas, and other channels that are making attempts to expose the shenanigans of voter fraud.